Thursday, June 12, 2008

just what it says

David Stern has been the commissioner of the NBA since 1984, and whether he'll admit it or not, the NBA is right now in the biggest crisis of his tenure there and it's on Stern in the end. he's made it so real fans don't know what's real and what's scripted anymore, he's been in charge when Sacramento and Dallas were both cheated out of titles, and he's been smug and condescending, denying endlessly without even bothering to check with the people involved, and seemingly increasingly so in recent years as the league spirals quietly out of control. 24 years is a nice run even if it lasted too long in the end, but the NBA needs someone new, the sooner the better. the owners don't seem to care, so anyone who does, fans, players, coaches, officials, needs to do what they can to help fix it, and right now, I think that starts with a new commissioner.

anyway, this blog welcomes anyone who shares my viewpoint, who thinks that David Stern needs to resign or be fired and that the new commissioner needs to make some serious changes. any advice on how this can practically happen is welcome, any words of encouragement from anyone in a position to know details, or best yet, anyone who has any inside details, for attribution or anonymously, I'll credit however you want.

more to follow, tonight's game 4 of this reality television series I've been following, tons of cool characters and subplots this season!

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